Print your own nails design

Digital nail art machines function as printers to print imaginative and decorative designs on your or your customers' fingernails. Digital nail art machines come with hundreds or even thousands of pre-loaded designs, with the added ability to customize your own. Essentially whatever you wish to print, can be imprinted on the nail. Nail fashion technology is an emerging industry trend in nail care salons across the world. With the ability to print high-quality images with pure photographic clarity right onto artificial or natural nails in seconds, it is a smart way of monetizing your nail salon with a new and exciting product offering.


The O'2nails Digital Mobile Nail Art Printer

This particular unit unites printing technology and nail art. It makes it possible for the nail printer to print any pictures even your photos onto fingernails. The machine is controlled by O'2nails APP through WIFI, the APP is free and available for both iPhone and Andriod smartphones.

O'2nails Digital Mobile Nail Art Printer

The Intelligent Flatbed Digital Nail Printer

The Home Use Nail Printing Stamper Machine

The Digital Touch Screen Nail Printing Machine

The H&A Multi-function Digital Nail Printing Machine